Heritage Outreach

Heritage Outreach

Through our Heritage Outreach program, we help our consumers understand, celebrate, and embrace the rich Gullah history of the Lowcountry through hands-on training in cooking and other field trips.

Heritage Outreach is an educational and training program for individuals with intellectual and related developmental disabilities.

As individuals age out of school, in addition to the general life skills and specific training that are offered, our program is designed to further educate them about their own significant heritage and history of this area and how this may relate to them personally or their ancestors before them.

Great Expectations

Great Expectations is an Adult Day Program exposing every individual to learning opportunities in Earth Science, Creative Arts, Banking, Literacy, Nutrition and Technology. We are a training facility striving to help every individual we serve gain more confidence and independence while having the vast, fortunate opportunities to explore and learn more about the heritage they come from or are now affiliated within the Lowcountry.

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Heritage Outreach Hands-on Activities

The projects provide hands-on activities in which the clients can participate as observers, as well as equally be involved within a dynamic learning environment. There are many tours and events for them to participate in!

Historical Tours

Historical tours on horse drawn carriages

Walking Tours

Walking tours of historic downtown Beaufort and the Spanish Moss Trail

Landmark Visits

Visits to Old Sheldon Church, local museums and aquariums, the St. Helena Library, the Penn Center, the Mitchellville Gullah Heritage Trail Tour, Parris Island, and Beaufort’s Waterfront Park and Marina

River Boat Trip

A river boat trip with fishing, shrimping, and crabbing plus learning the art of constructing crab traps and sweetgrass baskets

Agricultural Experiences

Agricultural experiences at Dempsey Farms on St. Helena Island (an opportunity to learn more about the main staples of the area in the 1700 -1800’s when cotton and indigo were vibrantly alive in this area)

Cooking Classes

Hands-on, experiential cooking classes learning to create the culinary delights of the Lowcountry