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Bright Beginnings

Bright Beginnings is our early intervention program for children ages from birth through five, where our early interventionist specialists work with children and their parents within the home on a weekly basis using educational tools that are given to each child. The goal is to have the child prepared to enter kindergarten. Currently we have about 350 children enrolled in the program.

During our visits we train the parents/caregivers on ways they can help the child learn and grow throughout the family’s daily routines. We work directly with the children using interactive, age-specific training/learning tools – customized for each individual child – that can be used by both the parents and our trainers when interfacing with the children.

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“My name is Lauren Kelley and I am a teacher at Sea Pines Montessori Academy. I have taught in a Primary classroom (ages 3 to 6) for 24 years. I want to share with you how important early intervention is for our children. Throughout the years, I have seen how the therapists from Bright Beginnings work with the children in my class. Each child has made such progress academically as well as socially and emotionally. The therapy has had such a positive impact on each child’s development.”

Lauren Kelley

“Learning As I Grow” Resource Kit

We provide a customized “Learning as I Grow” Resource Kit to each family, with the content of each kit based on the individual needs of each child and family. These kits help families understand developmental milestones and how to help their child achieve them.

The kits include books on child development and strategies to help children learn, as well as relevant educational toys for the child to use to “practice” their emerging skills (i.e. blocks, books, crayons, coloring books, simple puzzles, simple prop sets for imaginative play, etc.).

The kit also includes a whiteboard and marker with magnets that can be attached to the refrigerator. During each visit, we write on the board a skill for the family to work on and check back at the next visit to see how much progress has been made.

We review the contents with parents and share strategies for how to use the learning tools at the current stage of child development. These kits are provided to the child’s home at the time of enrollment and annually thereafter while the child is in the program.

Interventionist Staff Requirements

Our staff is required to meet all of our Educational/Vocational Requirements so you can rest assured your child is receiving qualified care.

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Bright Beginings Testimonials

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