Camp Treasure Chest

What is Camp Treasure Chest?

Camp Treasure Chest is a unique summer day camp experience that uses speech, music and art therapy to help children and youth (ages 6 to 21) with developmental and related disabilities in Beaufort County to develop important life skills like conflict resolution, problem processing, and improved communications to enable them to live more inclusively in the local community.

The camp operates two four-week summer sessions for children and young adults ages 6 to 21. The first session is for young children 6 to 12 years of age, and the second session is for ages 13 to 21. Each session normally has 15 to 30 attendees. Many of the children who attend Camp Treasure Chest require one-on-one supervision and/or direction. Prior to each camp our staff receive extensive training from Beaufort County’s Disabilities and Special Needs (BCDSN) to effectively work with these children. Our staff is trained to provide sensory stimulation or de-sensitizing strategies for those children who require such intensive individualized care.

Camp Treasure Chest Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum concentrates on speech, music, and arts and crafts therapy, as well as health and wellness, food and nutrition, hydration, and exercise.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy targets issues such as trouble speaking and remembering, helping children with logical thinking, problem solving, and learning new information.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is also an effective tool to use for stimulating and motivating a camper’s speech. Music therapy aims to facilitate positive changes in behavior and emotional well-being and is essentially a social activity involving communication, listening, and sharing.

Art + Craft Therapy

Art and craft therapy helps our campers to manage behavior, increase self-awareness, develop interpersonal skills, and reduce stress. The creative process of making art improves and enhances the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of campers with the aim of resolving conflicts and problems.

Talent Show

Students also participate in talent shows whereby these activities provide a platform for self-expression and teamwork. Talent shows encourages collaboration and creativity, improves self-esteem, and has proven to help many campers verbally articulate their experiences.

Camp Treasure Chest 2024

Dates: TBD

Location: 100 Clearwater Way; Beaufort SC 29920

Cost: FREE!

Camp Treasure Chest also offers interactive and inclusive games that promote teamwork and communication. Games such as scavenger hunts, relay races, and cooperative challenges provide opportunities for special needs students to interact, collaborate, and build relationships in a fun and supportive setting. Another important area of camp life involves educational visits to several historical and fun sites, such as:

  • Charleston’s Museum and Aquarium
  • Gullah Heritage Trail Tour
  • Penn Center / Fort Fremont Preserve & Historical Park
  • Hunting Island Tour
  • Mitchelville Freedom Park
  • Dempsey Farms
  • And other activities

These outside attractions from camp provide much joy to each child and are most stimulating in child cognitive development.

Camp Treasure Chest Testimonials

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