Camp Treasure Chest

Camp Treasure Chest is the only summer camp in Beaufort County for children with severe development and related disabilities.


It is operated by the ABLE Foundation and it serves 30 - 60 children and young adults in Beaufort County who wouldn't otherwise benefit from any other summer camp experience.

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Campers in Action

Campers enjoy have the opportunity to enjoy the following as much more ...

  • river-boat tours
  • dolphin watches
  • carriage rides
  • horseback riding
  • picking vegetables at Dempsey Farms
  • visits to Hunting Island State Park
  • Charleston Fire Museum 
  • Charleston Aquarium

Educating Campers

Beaufort County Disabilities and Special Needs assists ABLE in collaborating with many community entities to provide a variety of exciting activities for the campers. Some of the activities address health, recreation, education, and arts & crafts. Beaufort County schools provide the camp location.

How will you take ACTION to enhance ones life experience?

Community volunteers and other service organizations provide time and educational materials to enrich the camper's experience. 

About Our Campers

Many of the campers are diagnosed with Autism, Cerebral Palsy and other intellectual disabilities. They require extensive supervision and support.   There is no another camp in the state of South Carolina that would accept these children and young adults.

Camp Operation

Traditionally, Camp Treasure Chest operates four-six week camps during June and July, depending on funding. One camp is ages 6 ~ 12, and the other is 13 ~ 21. 

Camper Eligibility

Each camper must meet the criteria established by South Carolina Disabilities and Special Needs. 

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